Services & Specialization

Finding the right therapist
is a key part of reaching out for help.

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During a free phone or video consultation, I will help you determine the type of services that are right for you.

Individual Therapy

I provide one-on-one counseling to help you reach your potential. I can help you feel better and stronger if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, negative thinking, or major life changes. Through our sessions, you will learn specific tools to improve your feelings of self-confidence and overall well-being.

Couples/Relationship Counseling

Whether you are married, engaged or in any other relationship, communication and empathy are the most important factors in staying connected. Couples can get needed support to understand their existing patterns and take positive steps to a healthier, more satisfying relationship. I use a combination of proven treatment methods, including Gottman, Imago, Relational Life Therapy and Schema Therapy, building trust and improving passion.

Counseling for Parents and Families

Raising children in New York City is a unique experience. The fast pace and external pressures can add to the stress of everyday communication in families. Managing a family is easier with guidance, support, and understanding about the challenges of raising children in the city. As a life-long New Yorker, I can help you feel more confident and relaxed about your family life.

Health and Wellness/Life Coaching

Your emotional well-being is connected to your physical health. Pre-existing habits or patterns can be re-focused so you can live the life you want. Using my background in health and mind-body connections, I will help you feel better if you are struggling with a chronic illness, obsessive-compulsive habits, organizational skills, or stress management.

Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Loss can be experienced in many ways, such as when a loved one dies, through infertility or pregnancy loss, and/or a major life change. Talking about your losses with a trained professional is a significant step in the process of healing. I can help you process your feelings, find meaning and create a legacy from your experience.